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Hi guys. Im looking to buy a laptop online this week. Im torn in between a netbook and laptop so i think im gonna go with a 14 inch and only get 1 instead of both. A 15 inch is just a bit big to bring to class.

Im hoping to spend around 900 tops. MAYBE 1000 if the jump is worth it. I'm open to `13.3 inch as well. I want to be able to to some gaming on it. DOesnt have to be top of the line, mostly just MMOs to be honest. I console game, so the call of dutys and crap get played on my 360. I read that some laptops have switchable graphics to help battery life, that would be good if im in class.

Anyways look forward to your responses. :)

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  1. A couple laptops come to mind:

    The Asus U series. the newer U35JC and U45JC was well as the U33JC and U43JC all have a I3 370 CPU and 1gb ram version of the nvidia G310M GPU. The difference between the Ux5JC and Ux3JC is that the Ux3JC's have a bamboo finish, a USB3.0 and the intel wireless tv streaming tech, which requires a 99 dollar adapter. Amazon might offer the adapter for free. All 4 of those laptops offer Nvidia Optimus technology which allows for around 8 hours of battery life. and Oh and the Ux3JC are more expensive. These start at $750ish - $1050ish.

    Another one that comes to mind is the HP Envy 14. more expensive then the U series from Asus, however it offers a better GPU the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics (1GB dedicated) which has switchable graphics but isnt automatic like Optimus. The Envy 14 starts at $999 but if you're a student they have a program thru HP for a student discount. While the Envy has less battery life around 4 hours instead of 8, the graphics are better, it has a back-lit keyboard, the Envy also offers a better resolution display 1600x900 vs the typical 1366x768 like most laptops in that range, however the extra features that aren't included in the $999 default price will most likely put the laptop out of your price range. the display is 300 extra and a bigger battery addon is $200.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the response. What about the lenovo y460? They have a special on them until september first I saw. I believe it was an i5 with the 5650 for 850 bucks. But the resolution was only 1360x768 (i think)

    What would you do?

    Also a 13 in i would be interested in, but it seems like they are more expensive with the better graphics..
  3. The deal on the lenovo y460 looks like a good one, the 1360x768 screen is standard on laptops in the 13-15 range so unless you want to shell out more then 1000 for a better display thats the display you'll be getting =P.

    Looks like the lenovo y460 would full your needs.
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