Good afternoon. I am sorry for disturbing, but i really need your help. I am experiecing problems which i don't like, but who likes problems? I don't think it is common. I am running a 64-bit version of windows 7(seven). Here it is: I just right click on computer properties. It just doesn't respond. I know I can go to control panel and select system. That works, fortunately, but I really need to know what causes this. I looked so much on the internet, I tried to find sth, but it is hard for me. I don't know, so that's why I am asking for your help. Thank you in advance!
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  1. just do a OS repair with the same install dvd, that will fix it. or simply reinstall win 7, if u dont mind that.
  2. Ok, i will fix it. One more question I have. Why PowerDVD Doesn't work anymore? It gives me an error. I think this could be because of the 64-bit system type. I am running 4GB capacity of memory(RAM) and I can't use 32-bit system type. Besides, 64-bit is a new technology. Sooner or later, everybody will use it. I tried to reinstall the software, but still doesn't work. Same error. I don't remember exactly what error gave me, because as you can see. I uninstalled it. I don't use it anymore. I use vlc right now. But it has a poor quality. Nothing is compared with the quality and playback experience of PowerDVD. Ok, one more; sorry; I never experienced those type of errors in the programs. as i said a couple of days ago, all came, not one by one; all. First I noticed was the "computer right click", then was PowerDVD, but as I said, all in the same day. So now, I am asking this: Is this because of the system type(64-bit operating system), because that is what i think. I haven't used 64-bit operating system only one time(it was vista, but that time i didn't had 4GB capacity of memory), and I can say you that seemed a little incompatible. I stayed with it only a week or more. Because I felt something I didn't liked and that was the compatibility issues, I think. So, I need to answer me if I am right that is because of 64-bit operating system, or because of windows 7(beta), but I don't think it is because of that, or something else. Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day:)!
  3. I think it's more a PowerDVD / Win 7 issue than a 64-bit issue. PowerDVD seems to be a very problematic piece of software... or so it has been in my experience.
  4. Good afternoon. How can I see what type of operating system I have(the dvd), if I can. I am running windows 7 64-bit. I want to repair my windows, but i have 2 copies of windows 7(32-bit and 64-bit) and I don't know which dvd is 64-bit version. If you can't see that, just tell me how to get to the cd-key without formatting the hard-drive. Thank you in advance. Good bye and have a nice day:)!
  5. go back to Microsoft website and get a free key.

    remember who you have downloaded it?

    they will supply free keys for the beta version.

  6. duesouth wrote: go back to Microsoft website and get a free key.

    remember who you have downloaded it?

    they will supply free keys for the beta version.


    No, I mean I have the cd-key on both windows(32-bit and 64-bit). I meant that is there any way I can find out if that dvd is 64-bit operating system of windows 7 by checking on the install, but without formatting the hard-drive? If you cannot, then it's fine. But I need to answer me one more(sorry, I said one question, but this is the last one). First off, can I repair my windows without booting? I mean, if I can mount with daemon tools the image and repair? Ok, if the answer is yes, then let's go straight to this: If I download a 64-bit copy of windows 7 RC from microsoft, can I use the cd-key that I have with that copy? Thank you very much guys. I am waiting for your answer. Good bye everyone and thank you for your time and for everything. P.S. I am sorry for my bad english, and for the misunderstanding, duesouth. Also, sorry, I live in Romania. Well, have a nice day:)!
  7. I figured out. I downloaded a 32-bit version and 64-bit version and I saw the size was different. That helped me determine. Thank you for all your help you gave me. Good bye:)!
  8. Sorry for disturbing again. As I don't know I want to know how can I repair my computer? At boot(the startup repair didn't find any problem and it is right, because I don't have that type of problems; for e.g. unbootable system or anything else). The problem is with my windows I have a couple of problems as I said a few days ago. Someone said to repair my system or reinstall my windows, if I don't mind. But I do mind I don't want to reinstall it again until windows 7 comes out. Yahoo Messenger doesn't show my messages when I send them or when someone sends me. I can see them at the bottom right of my screen, but my offline messages. At preferences > messages > the options "when I receive a new message: Show the message window." is circled. I also tried to reinstall it again and didn't work. Can you tell me what can I do to fix that? Thank you again so much. Have a nice day:)!
  9. Quote:
    I am running 4GB capacity of memory(RAM) and I can't use 32-bit system type.

    That is incorrect. You CAN USE a 32bit OS but you will be limited to 3.5GB RAM. Heck, you can run Win 2k on a 8GB system if you wanted to with out much problems, but you will still be limited to 3.5GB.
  10. This is an interesting discussion.

    I have just built a 64-bit PC, with Windows XP Pro (64-bit) as the operating system. Yes, a few of the drivers aren't yet available, but I'm guessing (bad thing to do, I know) that within a year, Windows 7 and any compliant software and hardware will have 64-bit drivers available.

    Here is Microsoft's "Windows 7 compatibility page":

    - Roy
  11. Yes, I know I can use 32-bit system type. Sorry again, for misunderstanding. I did not said that I am limited to 3.5GB. I know that, in fact I think I am limited to 3.25GB, but that doesn't matter anyway. I am using 64-bit. Well, you didn't answered all my questions. First off, how can I repair my computer and 2nd why Yahoo Messenger doesn't show my messages. Thank you again for your answers and have a nice day:)!
  12. Good morning! What can I do to fix yahoo messenger's messages from reappering again. And how can I repair my windows? Thank you in advance. Have a nice day:)!
  13. Thank you very much again for everything. I just upgraded my windows and finally everything is fixed(windows media player starts, I can change my desktop background, PowerDVD works perfectly, even my yahoo! messenger's messages are seen, everything, I tell you). Thank you so much. Thanks, mostly to you, Scotteq and jimishtar. Thank you for your precious time. I didn't know what was happening and I am astonished that everything works. Maybe it was because of me(I did something, modified, possibly, on the computer). Cause the day that suddenly, everything started to happen, I knew I did something to the computer, maybe it's because of that. But all of them, I don't know. Anyway, thank you. Now it doesn't matter, except it can happen again but all it's fixed and I don't think so. It could be a possibility, as I am not so experienced. That's why I am afraid. As I want to help others, I will try to guide them, when I will know something, allright? I mean that I will help you when you need me, if I can. Have a nice day:)!
  14. I am running windows 64 bit with power dvd with no issues.i'm using version 9.
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