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I have an Asus Z7100 notebook PC that needs a new video card. Are the internal on this machine? I have talked to several people in the know about laptops and I am pretty sure the video card is going. Is it worth replacing the card?
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  1. What are the symptoms? It's basically impossible to replace a GPU on a laptop, as it is usually soldered onto the motherboard.
  2. Well the screen gets multi-colored lines on it, then fades to black after a few minutes. Computer is still on...
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    I've been after one of these plug in Nvidia Geforce Go 6600 PCIE 128mb video cards, same slot type as the memory cards, for a good few months now. Similar initial symptoms as yourself and finally no video at all. Seems it's fairly common problem with this Z71 motherboard and 6600 video card, it overheats and goes belly up. Asus don't have them, none on ebay, nothing to be found anywhere. I think its one of those sweep it all under the carpet corporate responses to a common problem. A pity because the Z7100VP is/was the best laptop I've had since 1997. If you ever find one of these Nvidia Geforce Go 6600 PCIE 128mb cards please let me know and I'll get one myself.
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  5. I lifted this from another forum. I'm going to give it a go when the thermometer I've ordered arrives. I'll let you know what happens.

    "A cure, I fixed it! I was right the problem was the graphics card (80-20RV06229); the chip on the mother board also cooled is actually the Northbridge chip (NQ82915PM SL8G3). The graphics module, surface mounted onto the graphics card consists of the NVidia Go6600 GPU (diamond shaped chip in the middle) surrounded by four memory chips that make up the 128Mb of graphics RAM.
    The cure is also unbelievable but it worked. I simply removed the board and baked in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes at 190 centigrade. I held the board above the baking tray by inserting three screws into the two duct mount holes and in the gap between the edge connectors. The Nvidia chip was upper most and the card was held on the level. After 8 minutes I switched the oven off and opened the door about 15cm to allow slow cooling. After 10 minutes I lifted the baking tray out and allowed the card to cool to room temp. Put it back in and bingo.
    The principle is that the solder on the multiple connections on the under side of the surface mounted modules become weakened with each cycle of heating up and cooling down. Baking allows the solder to flow back and make re-connection across cracks. If you have nothing to lose it is worth a try.
    I would not have believed until I did it, I am still a little stunned."
  6. I followed the steps as stated, and it works. I'm using the Z7100 to write this message 3 days and a lot of hours later. A lot of hours as windows XP would not authorise or whatever so I put in a new OS, and you know what that entails. Give it a go, what have you to lose?
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