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My sd card says read only. how do i change that. not sure what happened but i had centurylink help me a few days ago and now i cant upload from my sd card.
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  1. If you can access the SD card and see the files your wanting to edit, then right click on the file, select properties, and uncheck the read-only box at the bottom of the properties window.
  2. put the sd card in the pc/laptop
    once it is recognized,
    click start > computer
    right click on the drive and select properties
    click on the security tab > advanced button (bottom right)
    click the effective permissions tab
    next to the box "Group or user name:" click select
    type your user name and hit ok
    if your not sure what it is, hit the start key it will be displayed at the top on the right above documents.
    you'll notice below, are the effective permissions the stated user has to that drive.
    click the box for "full control", and hit ok, then apply on the other box.
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