Windows 7 conflict for touchscreen laptop?

Hello, I have an HP TouchSmart notebook( i know big mistake). Anyways, i was wondering if switching over to windows 7 from vista could possibly disable the special touchscreen function that this laptop has. I know an upgrade will wipe the harddrive so i was hoping if anyone knew, are touchscreen drivers specific to the OS they are made for or does an upgrade from vista to 7 come with basically the same set of drivers. I know in most cases with a laptop youll be fine but i just dont want to upgrade and find out that my screen doesnt work because the drivers were made specifically for windows vista
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    The best thing to do is to go to the HP website and check out the Drivers section and see if your hardware has Win 7 support and drivers. If there is a driver you can download it and install it after you have installed Win 7. If not then it is possible but only possible Win 7 might support the Hardware natively. Check HP's website. I think it likely the Driver will be there.
  2. thanks for the help!
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