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i have a home built computer that was running fine.

512 MB RAM
2000 XP+
Soltek 75DRV5
GeForce 4 MX 420

I was having some overheating issues, so I decided to switch out some components and get a new video card. I got a Cyclone fan, another 512 MB of Ram, and an ATI 9250. I installed all at the same time. Now, the computer won't boot. The power is getting there, but it won't even make it to bios. Basically, the power turns on and off by itself. Any ideas as to why it would do that? I noticed something, when I switched out the old fan, it had a shim (?). I didn't reinstall the shim with the new fan. Would that be an issue? I did this last night, so I haven't had the chance to take out each component and test. IF you know of any reason why this would happen, let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Take out the new stick of RAM and see if it boots up. You could habe bad ram. Never personally seen a video card cause the problems that you are having.
  2. hey-

    yah, i figured i should take the components out one by one. it's kinda strange cause the computer will power on and off INSTANTLY. i can't even get to a bios screen. basically, it "strobes" on and all. i'll take out the ram and try it again. i just bought the stupid thing from compusa, and it's brand new. kinda pisses me off, but i will try that when i go home for lunch. will keep you updated. thanks.
  3. If it turns out not to be the RAM then another problem could be your power supply. It doesn't sound like your system would require a very big power supply, but some cheaply made ones could be a problem.

  4. is that Cyclone Fan a replacement for the CPU? if so, have you plugged it into the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard, and does it have the 3rd (usually yellow) RPM sensor wire?

    I only ask because I've heard of people's mobos not booting if they don't detect a CPU fan - emergency overheat protection kind of thing (although in reality you'd get a couple of minutes at minimum with even a crappy HS, but hey...)

    A64 3200+ Winchester @ 258x10=2580Mhz, ~1.52 Vcore
    1Gb RAM, running at various strange speeds... :lol:
    Voltmodded Sapphire 9800Pro @ 450/350 w/ modded VGA silencer 3.
  5. my boss asked me if i wanted to go with him and some co-employees to lunch. i said no, i have to go home and fix my computer.... dude, i'm going get fired for not being a team player, but anyway.

    fixed the problem. don't ask me how. i took the cpu out and found that it was covered with joint (?) compound. i wiped it down, put it back, put the shim on, and used the old fan to test, leaving the new ram in there. it worked. so, i put the new fan on (not a cyclone sorry, a "cooler something" and it worked. no overclocking, so i don't think there will be major heat issures.

    the problem was just weird. like literally, it would power on and off about 5 times in a second. i think the color of the fan plug is white, but i'm not positive on that. i know my mobo has overheat protection (it used to reboot when i was playing WoW or compressing wav right about 4-5 pm when my room heats up the most, which prompted this change.)
  6. Thermal paste is almost definitely a must. Get some!!!
    Arctic Silver or something else available in you locale.

    The loving are the daring!
  7. Just for future reference. I played around with the problem yesterday to try to pinpoint exactly what the issue was. I had put the heat sink on backwards. There's a recessed, rectangular area on the heat sink which is supposed to be placed over the CPU release lever. So it had nothing to do with the thermal compound or shim or new video card. It was also kind of a pain because the CPU is placed right next to the power source. The release on the fan sticks out such that I have to lightly slide the power source into place, otherwise, it'll hit the release on the fan causing it to come off. Horrible design.

    Thanks for all your help.
  8. I guess your motherboard was trying to protect ur cpu from overheating cuz you didn't put ur heatsink at right direction.
    I had similar experience.It happens to my other PC, if the heatsink is not fully attached to the processor (if I didn't secure the clip), it won't boot, I tried to boot the pc with heatsink "just on it" refused booting..
  9. Even now that you have the HSF properly installed you still need the thermal compound. If you monitor temps, I think you'll find that you're running hot...

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