How to remove print head epson 1400

I removed three screws from bottom of cartridge tray but can't seem to release the print head without breaking the tray. What is the secret to unsnap the print head from the tray
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  1. you probably have to remove the cartridge contact board (where all the chips on the ink cartridges make contact), which requires a special hook tool (or you can make one from a bulldog, thick paper clip to get to the 2 clips behind the carriage. also the cable going to that board will need to be unplugged, it is tricky even for someone who knows what they are doing. Are you attempting to replace the print head yourself? if so, you should know that there is a service program you need to enter the new head ID and perform all the adjustments. If you dont do this your print quality will be poor. Only an epson service centre has access to this program.
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