Envy 15, Mobility 4830

I recently bought a HP Envy 15 1060ea.
It's packed with an i7-720QM and an ATI Mobility 4830 with the following benchmarks-

Should run games pretty nicely right?
Well apparently not, during my gameplay of WoW, i'll sometimes be achieving 40 - 60 FPS low - medium in confined areas when not many players are around, however majority of the time it is below this, or my gameplay consists of tearing and lag spikes during combat and when im in larger areas of the game.

It got even worst, since during 'raiding' as WoW players call it, where 25 of you are working to kill things, so many spells etc flying around, i was achieving 4 - 6 FPS, which is even worst than my desktop with 2gb ram, Athlon 64x2 and 4650 HD

I used to use the stock drivers which came with the machine, i updated to the new mobility drivers which made no difference, i was told a modded version of the desktop drivers would be optimal for my notebook, i went through that, still no difference.

I've gotten rid of all bloatware which came with the Laptop to my knowledge, the only thing i can source this problem down to would somehow be the GPU.

Googles provide no one else with FPS issues on their 4830's, WoW wise or any game really.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Update - Performance test compared to exact similar systems

  2. WOW fps drop could be caused by a bad and laggy servers, so try other games and post your results. Also make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed.
  3. Servers are not the problem, since no other players are getting the same problem as me, my ping is good also.

    The only other game i can use to look at my FPS comparably is the Sims 3 and that is a fairly easy game to run anyway, hence why i have given a performance chart to analyse.
  4. My suspicions is leaning towards my CPU maybe being faulty.
    Whether i have my graphics on the game set to medium, high or ultra, FPS is the same in some areas. However when CPU power starts coming into demand from players' actions etc. It will plummet nonetheless.

    When i mentioned about raiding FPS, this was encountered no matter how low or high my FPS was which must mean it can't be the GPU?
  5. What resolution are you playing at ? Also it would be great if you could test other games(aside from Sims3) like Crysis,farcry, etc. (mostly GPU limited games).
  6. I was playing at 1366x768 but more recently reduced this to 1280x720.

    I don't really own a great selection of PC Games atm either, however due to my base sample being World of Warcraft atm, i may look into further diagnosing the issue with the actual game. However there is still no explanation for that performance test?
  7. I can't exactly say without other games tested because i have seen many users reporting problems with WOW with even more powerful setup than yours.
  8. Basing myself on the performance test, and the fact that this computer is refurbished, and despite what i throw at it, i can't seem to get the CPU to go higher than a rediculous 0.9 GHz i think i'm going to take it back while i still can, and buy a cheaper i5 5650 laptop 'brand new' which performs alot better according to comparisons on the performance test
  9. 5650M isn't faster than a 4830M,Its actually slower or on par in most games.
    As for your cpu, does it downclock in idle mode only? or in 3d mode too ?
  10. Thanks for your help, but i returned it, i think it was just some major hardware ware down or a factor defect or something like that.

    The i7 was clocked down constantly and on performance test of the laptop wht 5650 + i5 combo was ranked better compared to the state my laptop was in.

    I'm probably going to get

    and the extra 75 GBP will be much needed toward Uni this September anyway...
  11. It looks good, hope it works well for you.
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