MSI Vs Toshiba? HElP this newbie PLZ

I planning to buy either an msi or toshiba laptop for college? Both of them are the same price while have many common specs? Im thinking about buying the msi laptop but are they reliable? Meanwhile toshiba is a reliable laptop brand but had a lot of overheating issues in the past. Which should i buy?
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  1. They both look like nice laptops for $500. I'm pretty sure you could say "overheating issues in the past" about any laptop dealer. It depends more on the cpu and/or graphics chipset for overheating than the brand of laptop.

    Typically you can expect toshiba to make nice laptops for business. The specs are so close here though that I think you should consider two things:
    Which one has a better screen? This is where most manufacturers skimp on budget laptops.
    Which one is more aesthetically pleasing and nicest keyboard? If you're spending $500 it should be comfortable.

    Personally I would check They test ALOT of laptops and have thorough reviews available in all price ranges.
  2. I am a Toshiba owner and the only real problem i have had is with the customer service, other than that I've been pretty happy.
  3. I'm writing this on an MSI system and don't have a single regret. It's a very good system.
  4. Well... I have a Toshiba older model for 4 years now still works.... but I just bought an MSi for my daughter, she said it works great. I personally think this MSi laptop looks so awesome. I seen it at the OfficeDepot store it looks so nice... MSi make coputer parts so many years, now they make laptop computer - can't go wrong. IMO
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