Acer Aspire One - plug in headphones can't mute sound on notebook

When I plug in my headphones in the jack on the Acer Aspire One notebook I cannot mute the speakers on my notebook. So I have sound coming out of my notebook that annoys people around me. Can anyone help me?
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    Strange issue. Try updating the sound card drivers and the software via Acer's support site and see if that corrects the issue (their support site address can be found in a thread at the top of the forum). If that doesn't do it, get in touch with acer support, as it could be a hardware issue that needs to be fixed.
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  3. I have the same problem with that laptop. It's a faulty contact. I've noticed that if I apply pressure to one of the sides of the connector, the speakers go mute after a couple of seconds and the sound only comes out of the headphones. If I let go of the pressure, speakers come back on.
    I tried to bend the contacts inside the jack towards the center.. no luck.
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