Is there a universal li ion battery charger of some kind?

HP Probook 4510S. I've confirmed the ac adapter is working (sending electricity to computer)... but the computer is not accepting the electricity and charging the battery. Techs think I have a bad board. I'm 60 days out of warranty. ugh

For this model notebook, the only docking station I've found is a USB docking station which does not pass power into the laptop to run it or re-charge the battery. I also could not find any external battery charger to plug the battery directly into it.

Any creative ideas on how I could get my battery re-charged? I've got to imagine there is some ez solution or some other gadget that only computer repair people might be aware of?

HP Battery part is: HP 8-cell 63Wh Li-Ion NZ375AA

At this point, my only option to get the computer back up and running would seem to be buying another HP notebook that has the same battery and using that notebook to re-power the batteries so I could get the laptop up to get exports of all my info..

Thanks in advance, Kevin
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  1. You have several questions here.

    Is the goal to recover data from the original laptop, to repair the laptop, or charge a bare notebook battery?

    If #1, pull the harddrive and install it in an empty USB enclosure.

    #2 and #3 are related. Laptops require a fairly "intelligent" charger that is built onto the motherboard. Unless you have the equipment and experience for SMT soldering, that's "a job for trained professionals. Do not try this at home".

    #3. It shouldn't be too hard to design and build a smart Li-Ion battery charger - if you have a fair amount of practical electronic experience.
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