Thermal Probe under the CPU ?

I just got a Thermaltake heatsink which comes with a thermal probe and according to instructions I am supoused to install the probe under the CPU with the probe thin wire running in between the that a good idea?

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  1. Probably not on the CPU or under the CPU. Probably on the bottom of the heatsink. I also have TT heatsink. Probe is likely a sensor for the fan and should comes with a double taped sticker to hold the probe onto the bottom of the heatsink.

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  2. There are only 462 pins. What are ya worried about. It should be as easy as being inside an iron maiden, with the top closed, but not getting jabbed.
    Just put the sensor on top of the ceramic, beside the chip, and under the hsf.
  3. Endyen...if I understand correctly what U R saying...install the probe on the side of the CPU...under the heatsink but not under the CPU correct?
  4. This is a simple procedure, just fix the thermal diode to the <b>underside</b> of the CPU and thread the thin wires between the pins. Then place the CPU in the socket, press down firmly and lock. Both my OCed AMD 2400+ CPUs have such wires on them.
  5. If you have a core without a heat spreader then you can do what <b>endyen</b> suggest and place the probe next to the core so it doesn't interfere with core/heatsink interface. It'll measure something but probably not core temperature.
  6. If you attatch it to the hsf, just above where the chip contacts the hsf, you should get a more accurate reading than putting it under the chip. That would be on the opposite side from the fan, on the hsf, and so that when installed in the case, the sensor was above the chip.
    FYI, the chip is the raised part of the processor, on the side opposite the pins. The sensor would be between the hsf, and the processor.
  7. I decided to install the thermal probe under the CPU. The wires connected to it are so thin that do not interfere with the installation of the processor and routing them thru the pins of the CPU was not a problem.
    I will keep you posted on the results.

    I installed the probe under the CPU (in between the socket and the CPU) and secured the probe with thermal tape in the center of the processor with the probe wires routed thru the pins of the CPU.

    Two peroblems:

    Number one: VERY STRONG CHEMICAL SMELL after power up (I do have a BIOS SCREEN but the smell is noxious)and I have no idea what is causing this. Could it be the Artic Silver I used on the processor?

    Second: I am having false readings from the motherboard istelf concerning the temperature of the processor. The BIOS tells me that the CPU temp. is 10 degrees C. and that is impossible because even the room temp. is about 15 degrees C.

    Can this be caused by the thin wires running in between the CPU pins and preventing the CPU from making full contact with the socket? I wonder.

    I guess the only way to solve this problem is disconect the probe and have manual control of the fan speed that can go from 1800 rpm to 5400 rpm and raise the speed as I put more demands on the processor.

    Can any one please give me some input on this?...Thanks
  9. Quote:

    No idea, you'll have to figure this one out for yourself but it shouldn't be the artic silver, that doesn't smell at all. More likely your power supply.

    I am having false readings from the motherboard istelf concerning the temperature of the processor.

    No suprise, I've never seen a motherboard give accurate readings on processor temperature, although 10C does sound a little chilly.

    Can this be caused by the thin wires running in between the CPU pins and preventing the CPU from making full contact with the socket?

    Highly unlikely, the wires are really thin. If your CPU wasn't in the socket properly you will have damaged it installing the heat sink and your computer wouldn't boot up. But by all means go through the palava or removing the CPU and take out the thermal probe and reinstall and see if it makes any difference.
  10. Your mobo uses a thermal diode under the cpu to sense temps. Chances are pretty good that the new sensor, or tape is interfearing with contact.
  11. How accurate do you want the readings.

    A variation of 5'C is OK, you always would want a safety margin of 10'C anyway.

    I have a ASUS MB with a AWARD BIOS, so have double overheat, etc protection from BIOS management and ASUS PC Probe. Temps must be reasonably accurate as variation in temp readings is about 1'C.

    Assuming internal CPU temp has a slight delay before outside temps are read, allow at least 5'C.

    That idea of threading the probe around the pins sounds like a lousy way to record temps. Problems like unlevel seating, pin foul ups or shorts could occur even if care is taken.

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  12. Yes...Endyen...U may be suspicion is that the thermal sensor and its wire may be interfering with the ability of the motherboard to read properly the CPU temp.

    I guess I have to remove that sensor.
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