The new celeron 300A

Sempron 2600+ for S754: $78 list price, very acceptable performance, 50% overclocking potential..
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  1. Having a low cost overclocking beast will probably attract budget overclocker's.

    But, I thinks that my new S939/3200+ based system is a good budget overclocker's setup too! :smile:

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  2. Take the system that I described to you in your mini-FAQ and assume that I get the Patriot RAM and the 3000+. If I were to change over to a Sempron 2600+ and 50% OC, then the purchase changes I would need make are to get a single 1GB stick of good RAM and the Sempron chip. Total price difference is only $44! If I went with the Mushkin/Geil value RAM, then the price is the SAME! The article makes it sound like everyone should save some major cash and get the 2600+, but getting the A64 seems to be the better deal. With the A64, you get 64bit enabled, the larger L2 and good OC potential.

    It does show the phenomenal potential for OCing the 90nm cores, though!

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  3. TheRod, you have <b>exactly</b> what i just got except for the video card. I even have the infineon ram too.

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