Bios Phoenix v1 3109 password reset

Hi Guys!

I used the fingerprint recognition software with my Acer 8942G. I set a supervisor password and user password as required. As I now have decided not to use this software as it is more trouble than it is worth I have uninstalled it.

I am still required to enter a password each time I switch on the machine.

Fortunately I know both passwords and can go on to load Windows.

I would like to know if it is possible to remove these passwords as typing them in each time is just annoying.

I know nothing of computers and so would be grateful if anyone could help at all.

I understand the BIOS to be Phoenix V1.3109


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  1. when the computer is booting it will say press f1 to enter bios, usually its f1 could be delete or something else, read the screen

    once in the bios look through the menus and turn off the password
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