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Boot Slow-Down

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November 4, 2002 7:53:06 PM


I did a couple of things with my XP and now the PC takes twice longer to boot. I need help figuring out why this is happening because I do not believe I did anything wrong. Here’s the history of events:

Originally, I had XP Pro installed with a beta version CD-key. Everything was perfect. The PC took about 28 seconds to boot from power down to useable Desktop. The only problem was that I could not install SP-1 since the CD-key I used was not recognized as a valid one.

I got me a retail copy of XP with a valid CD-key. I did not want to format the hard drive or reinstall all the software I have, so I chose the “Upgrade” option. XP installed just fine over the existing installation with the new CD-key.

However, the “upgrade” installation undid all the previous updates and some of the earlier settings. I ran all the critical, XP and driver updates and I installed the SP-1. I defragmented the hard drive and disabled all the unnecessary Services and Start-Up items, just like it was before the “upgrade”.

Still, instead of 28-30 seconds the PC takes about 60 seconds to boot now. Is it possible that the “update” undid my installations of motherboard drivers, Intel’s Application accelerator and stuff like that? I will reinstall these tonight, but assuming this fails, is there anything else I am missing here?

Any ideas? Please! And thanks.

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November 5, 2002 1:46:07 PM

Replying to myself, huh? Such is the story of my pathetic life! :o ) Anyhow, I fixed the slow boot problem by installing the Intel Application Accelerator. I suggest you install it too. Works like a charm and cuts all loading speeds in half.
November 5, 2002 1:50:38 PM

I meant "loading times", of course :o )