I can't boot from CD and boot order is set properly

Here is a rundown of what happened.

- My original hard drive in my dell xps m1530 crashed so I bought a new hybrid drive.

- I installed the new drive and went to install windows 7 back on the drive

- The windows 7 install hung forever so I canceled out of it.

- After I did that I went to try the install again and now when I start my computer all I get is "BOOTMGR is missing"

- I've set my boot sequence properly in the BIO's and I've checked that the CD i'm using is bootable as it works perfectly on another cpu

- I've even turned the hard drive off in the boot sequence and then the laptop tells me there is no bootable drives

Anyone know what other steps I can take to get it to recognized the CD and boot from it?
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  1. cd-rom or new drive may be hanging the mb bus. i seen cd-rom drive have read issues over time on laptops. the easy fix would be to use a usb stick and use the microsoft iso to usb tool and boot off of a usb stick and see if the install goes fine. if not check to see if there any firmware updates for the mb bios and hard drive.
  2. Ok great. I will try that next and report back.
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    I had the same issue a few years back. it was a bad CD-Rom drive. (I said it was a few years back...)
  4. I was starting to suspect that as well so thank you guys both and I'll use usb to diagnose that and go from there. I'll report back
  5. Yep you could also try to disconnect all cables from the CD-ROM drive wait a few seconds and reconnect them in case the firmware is frozen. Trying a firmware upgrade is also a good idea if a newer version is available.

    Edit: Oops sorry forgot it was a laptop. In that case, you can just remove the battery wait 30 seconds or something, you can also hold the power button while the battery is removed this way it will empty the capacitors just to make sure no power is left. And when I think about it in a desktop computer you could also simply unplug the power cord from the PSU and wait a little bit and it should have the same effect, no need to disconnect any cables internally.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. I flashed a USB with win7 and it recognized it right away. Win 7 is installing right now and when it's done I"ll diagnose the issue with the CD Drive. Thanks again!
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