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I want to use a pcmcia sound card, but my new laptop only has USB. Do you have the correct converter for this situation?
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    Yes, There are several out there. Here is one below:
    To find more do an internet search for, USB to PCMCIA converter.
    Just make sure that if your running a 64 bit OS that the device you choose is the correct one.
  2. Thanks for such a quick response. I'm trying to connect my e-mu audio interface soundcard (pcmcia) to my laptop, and it appears that new laptop technology has done away with pcmcia.

    I did stumble across this site you suggested last night, and I saw that they have a 32 bit technology which is what I would need., and yes, I do have 64 bit for Windows 7. I was hoping to find a cheaper one, but I can deal with $109.00. Thanks for confirmation.
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