Cq61 clean install hangs at competing installation

This has been driving me round the bend for ever and it seems i'm not the only one. My daughters CQ61 required a clean install after repair. Windows 7 jus goes through the normal install process and hangs at completeing installation. I'm not a Noob but not a Geek either.
I can only assume the drive is fine as it is running fine in the T400 IMB i am using now.
Now here is the strange bit..... When i was just starting out i to had a CQ61 and it too needed a clean install and it did the same for months with friends in th know looking and trying to. In the end i send off for the factory software discs and tey went on straight away with win7 working fine. It was literally restored to new. I passed on said disks when i sold said CQ61 adising the guy never to go down the road i had.
Now the software discs are no longer available from HP and There is none on torrents anywhere.
I cannot accept that this is the only way to install clean install. If it was that critical to have the discs they would send them out with the new machine.
So thats muti attempts by multiple people on 2 identical machines presenting the same hang. One was solved with the Sowfwaredisks provided by HP and are no longer available. Should have copied them i know but never thought i would be looking down the same barrel of the same gun.
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  1. Sorry for the spelling and missing text. Damm wireless KB!
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