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Basically i work security and have my... underlings? write reports on their own user account on our work computer. Lets call me USER1 and them USER2. I had set up a folder on the desktop of USER1, with the permission changed so that they can just drop in reports/files/etc... but when they try to open it, they don't have access. Its exactly what i needed and works almost perfectly. Problem now is, when i want to bring ANYTHING out of that folder and into the admin's account, USER1, it forces me to change the ownership AND permissions of every single file i need to move. Quick example of whats happening is this; Person X writes a report on USER2, takes the file and puts it into the folder on the desktop (the folder which they can only drop things in and not actually do anything else with). I come in and log onto USER1, i go into that folder and try to bring a file out and it tells me i don't have permission. I then have to change the permission AND ownership for every file i want to bring out of this folder. There must be a way that i don't have to do this EVERY time.

I basically need a drop-box that they put files in but cant go into themselves, and this is the only way I've been able to do this without some extra software (it's not really worth dumping 40$ into a password system for files). If anyone can help me figure out how to keep from having to change the permissions and the ownership of every file every time i want to move them or if anyone has any other suggestion to help me out in anyway, i would be VERY VERY much obliged. Been trying to figure this out for days!!

EDIT - One thing i remember from all this fiddling around was that it told me DENY permissions overwrite ALLOW ones. Which is all well and good, but i think that's where all my problems are coming from. I can deny access to the folder by others but in doing so it wont allow ME access either, which seems... silly and just wrong... to say the least.
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  1. not a total solution

    but you could take ownership of the whole folder and all files in it each time with just a couple of mouse clicks

    rather than manually
  2. I have not tried it that specific way, but i do have ownership of the folder itself anyway but it didn't change anything. Every time i add a new file i still have to change its ownership AND the permissions still.
  3. After hunting around for many more hours, i think one of the issues I'm having is that when i make a new folder on the desktop it retains desktop permissions, but i cant seem to make it so that new files on the desktop retain the permissions to allow access to the admin user. Maybe that bit of info will help someone help me, lol.
  4. permissions can be a pain

    i have full permissions for my external hard drive yet sometimes new files i add get locked and i need to do what i mentioned


    hopefully some one will post a better solution than mine

    off subject --does speaker4thedead come from orson scott card books?
  5. I just tried that thing, about taking ownership of the folder itself. That didn't work either, this is driving me nuts! lol

    And yes, its an OSC reference, good catch, lol.
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