Changing the battery, what about the charger?

Hi there!
I own a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4074 and my battery and charger died. What I want to do now is buy the 9-cell (6600 mAh) replacement battery instead of the old 6-cell (4400 mAh) one and also a new replacement Toshiba charger.
Now my question is will the normal charger which is 75W (15V, 5A) suffice, or do I need to buy a 90W (15V, 6A) one, or is the normal one just fine for my new battery?
Are there any benefits at all for using this 90W charger?
Also, on a side note, I've upgraded my CPU from a TDP 31W (T2050) to a TDP 34W (T5600) and my RAM from 512MB to 4GB.
Currently I only have access to a cheap universal charger that's 120W, but that's only temporary untill I get home, because I don't want to risk my new battery with an aftermarket charger.
I measured the voltage output of this aftermarket charger and it's 15.84 V.
I haven't tried out my new RAM and CPU with a 75W charger.

Also, I'd appreciate any tips you can give me so the new battery lasts for a couple of years.

Thanks a bunch! :)
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    A 90W charger will charge the battery a bit quicker, but otherwise than that, it won't make much a difference. As long as the voltage is the same, you should be fine. Also, the upgrades you made shouldn't affect it either.
  2. Isn't it safer though to use the 75W charger? Since the 90W can pump more voltage then it's supposed to, right? Like this aftermarket charger I'm using now, it puts out 15.84V
  3. It probably would be a good idea to use 75, as the components, i.e. the motherboard are made for a 75w charger.
  4. Yes I agree, my only fear is that the 75 charger won' have enough juice to charge the 9-cell battery and power the laptop at the same time..
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