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All right you THG thugs. I am building my first computer system and here is what I had come up with, after much research. I need you guys to tell me if there is any compatibility problems and any reasons or suggestions of maybe something different. I know I want to go with pci express and a 64bit system. This ia a long term investment and upgradable as things get cheaper. Thanks!

ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard

Amd Athlon 64 3200+ or 3500+ depending on if there really is a difference in performance

2x Corsair CMX-512-3200C2 memory

Enermax EG701AX-VE(W) power supply (has two six-pin PCIe connectors and plenty of power for future upgrades and add ons)

Western Digital Raptor WD740GD Hard Drive Serial ATA-150 (for a smooth fast operating system)

Western Digital's WD3200JB Hard Drive UltraATA/100 (for storage)

***** not sure if the hard drives will hook up to motherboard need help here******

ASUS Extreme N6600GT graphics card

Pioneer dvd/cd writer, DVR-A08XL model - already own

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro PCI 7.1 sound card - already own

Creative GigaWorks™ S700 speakers - will the last thing to buy
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  1. I really don't think SLI is the way to go. If you look at price/performance, then dual 6600GTs get beat by a 6800GT or even better by the X800XL for less money. You can get a X800Xl for less than $300USD. Save your money for something else...

    3200+ or 3500+: I don't think the added performance of the 3500+ is worth $100USD. Save that $100 dollars and get the X800XL instead of the 6600GT and put it onto the <A HREF="" target="_new"> DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra D</A> or other good non-SLI board.

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  2. Thanks Rugger. I have been giving it second thoughts about this system. Everything I read says pci express is the way to go. And 64 bit will be replacing the 32 bit. I am trying to put an somewhat high end system together. One that will last for 2-3 years with some minor upgrades now and then to keep it in the high end. I run programs like unreal 2004, Maya6, and 3dmax. Thanks for your comments and I will consider it.
  3. I agree with Rugger - I don't think SLI is a worthwhile investment unless you're going to go all-out and get 2 6800GT or 6800U's immediately. Who knows how fast the GF7xxx series is going to be - maybe it'll be faster than 2x6800U, and SLI will have been a total waste - look how much faster the 6800 is than the previous speed champ... And, I'm kindof confused - you don't have to go SLI if you want PCIExpress, though it sounds like that's what you're saying. (I could be misreading you though)

    Outside of that, that looks like a good system. For today's games, a faster GPU is worth more than a faster CPU though - so if you can, get the X800XL or a 6800 and a slower CPU than a faster CPU and the 6600GT - it'll net you better performance today, and you'll be upgrading both of them in a year or so anyways the way it sounds.

    Yes, those drives should all hook up to the system no problems.

  4. I love my X800XL, so another vote for it or maybe one of the bigger X850 series.

  5. Many people have been able to OC 3200+ to 3500+ speeds off air cooling.
    Why not a sata drive for the storage?

    I agree sli is way to expensive for the performance increase (if any) that you get. Put the money into a better single video card.
  6. One more thing, DONT BUY an ASUS graphics card. I love my ASUS Mobo, but their graphics cards are priced way to high.

  7. Alright you guys, after much thought and a little more review. I have decided not to go the SLI route. But I still want a motherboard with PCI express. Will be getting an X800XL or a 6800 Ultra graphics card instead. I truely believe PCI express has great potential. The SLI thing looks like it has been tried in the past and failed. Any suggestions on a good motherboard with overclock ability and the processor to use? Thanks again guys.
  8. I think that your right on track going with PCIexpress. The X800XL is a hell of a video card for $299.00 The ultra is going to outperform it, so it comes down to what your willing to spend. My comments about ASUS were strictly from a cost standpoint. IMO they really take advantage of their good name when pricing their cards.

  9. As suggested by Rugger and muzzartusm backing him up, I am going with a 3200+ chip and save $100. Go with an non-SLI board and apply the $100 that I would save to buy a X800XL card (not the Asus). Might even be able to save more money now, since the Enermax EG701AX-VE(W) power supply for two PCIe connector will not be needed.

    It was also suggested to use a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra D motherboard. Does anyone else agree with this or have an another suggestion? I trust Ruggers judgement and he has help me out very well. I just want to be able to compare it to other boards.

    And sturm why not a sata drive for the storage you asked? Well to be honest (and not to sound stupid) I am not for sure what the differences between a sata drive verses an ultraATA/100 drive, and at that a serial ATA-150. But thanks to you I will do some research to learn what the advantages and differences are. So the next time I will not be a blind fool. :)

    Thankyou all for your patience so far. I just want to make sure I am not going to waste my money on the wrong things and end up with low performance or incompatible stuff. If I wanted junk, then I would buy a package computer system. Did it twice and will never do it again. I will take my chances with you guys guiding me. Thanks again and be waiting for some more responses. Tony
  10. Some good reading:
    1. <A HREF="" target="_new">Anandtech DFI NF4 boards review</A> talks about DFI's Ultra and SLI boards.
    2. <A HREF="" target="_new">Anandtech HDD review</A> has some good info on differences between older 2MB cache and newer 8MB cache HDDs.

    Edited to correct links.

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