Need Logitech HD Webcam Suggestions.

I'm trying to find a webcam for Skype and also recording HD videos, along with podcasts and things like that.

My three requirements:
- Records 1280x720 (HD)
- Up to 30 FPS
- Logitech (I just like the brand, never had a problem with my old webcam, and I heard they're good in the "vlog" department.

Anyone have any suggestions based on these things? I don't want some $400 webcam that records in 1080p, I just want 720p and 30 FPS for as cheap as I can get it.

I was browsing through different webcams that record in HD but I am not sure what MP means on a webcam, (I'm guessing megapixels like on a normal camera?) and I don't know how to associate FPS with that.

Any help is appreciated!
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