Advice about mousepad for R.a.t. 7

I just brought this mice for 9,980 yen (yes I live in Japan)

in Akihabara there a lots of good mouse pad but I dont know what to pick and must have a good price.

I know that this mice have a problem about mousepad (it must be a hard mousepad and not soft cloth mouse pad)

I'm currently using Razer Goliathus speed edition.

now can you suggest me a good mouse pad for this mice?
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    for your information...i've heard a few people complaining that the RAT mice they purchased broke on them. i've seen them in person and i can definitely see why. either a low end razer or logitech g series mouse will probably last you longer. completely your choice though.

    as far as mousepads go... what exactly is the issue that the RAT 7 has with cloth mousepads? i have used everything from trackballs, low dpi led, high dpi laser to high dpi led mice on both hard and soft surfaces and by far the best mousepads i've used are the cheap $USD 5 black foam/cloth pads you can get just about anywhere.

    if you are dead-set on purchasing a hard mousepad then anything less than $USD 10 is should be more than sufficient. i've seen all the gaming mousepad products out on the market and it is a complete waste of money.

    just a few thoughts on the matter.. i know i did not recommend anything specific but there really isnt any point in getting anything super special when it comes to a pad.
  2. you have a BIG point there dude, I will probably purchase a 1500 yen mousepad tomorrow after I got home.

    The material of that mouse pad is like rubber in mid, cloth-like rubber in low and the surface is like hard plastic with a good friction on it, it produce by SANWA and titled WAR (the mousepad, there is WAR name on mice too)
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