Will I be able to upgrade to multi-core?

I am looking to purchase the components for a new system. If I get an Athlon 64 3500 processor or higher and an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard, will I be able to upgrade to the upcoming AMD multi-core processors without having to buy a new motherboard? Thanks for any input on this matter.

Perhaps I should have posted this in the Mother Board section?

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  1. I think I found the answer which is yes I should be able to upgrade to multi-core with only a BIOS update. Any comments?
  2. Most reports I've read have said that AMDs will only require a BIOS update to install a dual core processor, as long as you are running a Socket 939 board. However, Intels will require a new board.
  3. Current reporting does say that s939 boards will be compatible, after updating BIOS, with the dual core processors - your research was right. :smile:

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  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! :D
  5. Damn people who do their own research!

    Wait ... no, damn people who <i>don't</i> do their own research. You should be applauded for answering your own question. Good job. Now lets take it one step further and see about searching <i>before</i> posting. :)

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  6. Lol now why would he want to do that? :tongue:

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  7. These boards would be damn near boring if EVERYONE did their research before they posted. :evil: But it is nice to see it happen every once in a while!

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