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Canon digital camera driver download for windows 7

I have Windows 7. I also have a Canon Digital Rebel XT that I am trying to load the software onto my laptop. I have the original discs. Loaded them, plugged in the camera and got an error message that there is no driver for this camera. I downloaded the upgrades from Canon's website, still no luck. Windows states that this camera is compatible....not working. Help
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  1. Check your Device Manager for a badly installed device.
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    There are no Windows 7 drivers for this model at Canon, it states not available or not required for this OS.
    Having said that, have you tried simply plugging in the usb cord, it should open it at least as a folder to get your photos even if the Canon softaware is not active.
    Or try installing in Vista compatability mode.
    I'm using Canon Zoom Browser 6.1.1 with my A2000 and it works fine.
  3. my rebel xs worked just fine and didnt require any software.
  4. Not requiring any software usually means that the driver was incorporated in Windows 7.
  5. I have the same camera and mine was autoloaded when i plugged the camera in!i'm running w 7 pro!
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