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Anyone know where one can buy replacement parts for notebook motherboards [ Asus G71G in particular]? I tried contacting the manufacturer, and they can't even seem to find a diagram for me to pull the part numbers off of. The only thing wrong with the board is that the connector for the power adapter went bad, and one of the 3 inline fuses behind it blew out, saving the rest of the board. Replacing it would be a 10 minute fix, but no one carries individual fuses or connectors, especially not Asus.
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  1. Thanks! I don;t suppose you know where I can get laptop/notebook motherboard diagrams also?
  2. Save for the manufacturer, I haven't the slightest idea. It sounds like Asus cannot seem to locate anything for you either unfortunately. Have you checked their support site?
  3. Yes, support site, called their laptop division, motherboard section, and e-store... oh well, shouldn't be too hard to find 3 inline fuses and an adapter
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