Razer Marauder Vs Razer Black Window

Hi there,

I want to get a new keyboard and i can't decide between these two.I want a keyboard mainly for gaming and comfortable typing and i heard mechanical ones are the best.

So the flashy lighting features of the Marauder worth more than the mechanical keys of the Black Window ?

I would like to hear your opinions on this one guys. Thanks in advance.

P.S I also heard the Sidewinder X4 is a good gaming keyboard and a budget one but i'm not sure about its durability and effectiveness ..
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  1. mechanical keyboard is great for durability but loud clicking noise, if you can stand for it. Go for Black Widow.

    If lighting and quietness is your thing, Marauder.

    Personally I just upgraded from a Logitech G15 to Corsair K90. Found G15 keeps moving around when I play game and I rarely look at the LCD screen G15 has.
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