NEED HELP! Forgot Laptop Password!!

HI I have a Lenovo X60 Thinkpad, I forgot my password for the username cause I haven't used it in so long, now I can't log in.. How can I either Reformat it or hack into it??
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  1. Set the bios to boot from cd/dvd, then put in the OS disk.
  2. Uh I dont have another OS disk.. I didn't make this one :P
  3. What OS are you using?
  4. Could try using a utility called Konboot. This will allow you to type in any password and access the system. Once logged in, create another Administrator account and reboot. Log into the new account and reset the password on the old account (Unfortunately you cannot change the password of the account you log into while Konboot is active, but it at least lets you get in). Keep in mind that the use of this software to gain access to any computer system you do not own is illegal. Neither myself, Bestofmedia Group or anyone else affiliated with Bestofmedia Group can be held responsible for how you use this program.
  5. Prophecy, I got Konboot but this laptop does not have a CD-ROM or a Floppy drive, I've tried putting it on USB using the methods shown: and
    but when I boot on it says "Boot Error" and nothing else.
  6. Maybe If I had an external CD-Drive?? How do I make that??
  7. External DVD drives can be bought for this purpose. Alternatively, you could buy an internal DVD drive and a 5.25" enclosure, put the dvd drive inside and hook it up to the laptop. In fact, the internal dvd + enclosure option may even be cheaper.
  8. in a laptop? I can't see where it would go in, im thinking of getting a new harddrive, I work at a bottle depot and we take computers, and ive seen TONS of old IBMS, not as new as this one but still newish, maybe I could get their harddrives. or even cd drive if they have one :S
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    If you get tons of old computers in, try putting your hard drive into one of the that has an optical drive and boot from the Konboot disk in there. Change the password once you're in and then pull the drive out, and put it back into your X60 system.

    The internal dvd drive I was suggesting was a 5.25" drive for a desktop. You could put that into a 5.25" enclosure and hook it up to the system that way, should my drive swap suggestion above not work out.
  10. wow i like how you think, you have moxxi! One last thing, How do I take out a harddrive in a laptop? I know in a computer but in laptops do I have to unscrew things?
  11. The hard drive on the X60 is accessible from the right side of the unit. Remove the drive cover and move it to another IBM/Lenovo system. You should not need to remove the rubber rails and shell from that hard drive in order to put it in another unit - Lenovo has basically standardized on that design.
  12. my very smart friend took it home and got it working, thanks for all your help anyways I'll take it in note for next time I need this info :)
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