How to allow access to a shared drive but not a specified folder

I have just created a VHD on my laptop so I can share is as a shared area as I have over 5 computers in my house. I want the whole household to have access to the drive but not to a folder that i own as it contains private stuff. How would I go about protecting a folder from being accessed without the correct password and username. Or maybe, how would i go about stopping the folder from being accessed from the whole network but being able to access it on the local machine? Thanks
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  1. Yea, just disable sharing on it.
    Right click on the folder.
    Click on properties.
    Click on sharing tab.
    Click on advanced sharing.
    Untick share this folder.
  2. Or if you want to make it accessable to yourself on other computers you can:
    Tick share this folder.
    Click on permissions.
    Remove "Everyone".
    Click on add.
    Then add specific user names like your logon name for example. Or specific computers like your main computer that you use.
  3. Put everything but that folder in it's own folder, and share that instead of the drive. Or move it off the shared drive onto another, those are some simple non-security based solutions!
  4. Oh, and if you are using windows homegroup you can right click on the folder, highlight "share with" on the right click menu, and select "nobody" on the menu. But that is for Windows Homegroup.
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