Duel Boot 7 64bit and vista 32bit network problem

I'm new to the forum so i hope this has not been addressed before. I searched around but did not find any other thread about this. Here is my problem, I purchased a new laptop with windows 7 64bit, i used the disk manager to partition the hardrive so i could also install vista 32bit (need vista for VPN client for work). I changed the bios boot options so i could install vista on the new partition, everthing went well and vista loaded fine with no problems. However several things are not working, i dont have audio, the wireless adapter is not recognized either. Is there a way to correct this problem. The lap top did not come with an install CD so i cant do a driver install does anyone have any ideas how to get the wireless adapter working on the vista os? Everything works fine on the 7 OS.
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  1. Check the web site of the laptop manufacturer.
    Vista drivers for your model laptop should be available.
  2. Thanks Lyleb, i started thinking after my post and figured that woudl be the route i would have to go, as you suggested. Thanks for the reply
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