Acer will not see my printer

Acer Aspire one netbook, with XP.
Printer Canon Lazer "L-360"

When I connect this USB printer & try to setup the driver I get error:- cannot see the priner.

This printer is seen & works OK on 2 desktops.

Also this Netbook sees the HP all in one Printer & works OK.

Any idea why will not see the canon one? .........nick
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  1. Normally you install the drivers first, then plug in the printer. Try that.
  2. It still says no printer found
  3. Using the same cable for all of the computers? You may want to network that printer instead of using USB since you have several computers connecting to it.
  4. how do I do that?
  5. Take a look at these products,

    If you want wireless connectivity will cost a bit more than the $30 a basic USB to ethernet print server would cost. Hook up the printer to the device, it will get an IP from your Router. Either look in the Router status to see what IP it gave, or print a test page from the print server to get the IP. Then do this:
  6. I live in the UK.

    I used thison my Netgear rooter:- " " & clicked on "attached devises" & it showed this :-
    # IP Address Device Name MAC Address
    1 ACERXP 00:26:C7:AF:EF:F4
    2 NICKMAXTOR 00:1F:C6:1C:9E:AC
    3 HP00156047D7CC 00:15:60:47:D7:CC

    1. I have a cable, one end is USB male socket & the other end a small squarish male printer socket.

    Printers & Faxes show the Canon L-360 & the HP all in one.

    With this cable connecting the Canon to the Netbook, & with the Canon as default printer, when I click print in a Word document it does not print.

    This printer works fine via my PC.

    Please note this Canon printer has no Ethernet socket on it.

    2. My HP printer has Ethernet socket & I found a networking cable with both ends a ethernet plug & connected the HP printer to the Netgear (whis is wired & wireless) rooter.

    Using my PC this time, I tried to print wirelesly with no success but, when I connect the printer to the PC with the USB cable it prints OK.

    Can I make it print without the cable via my home network, without bying other equipment?
  7. If the printers don't have WiFi, you need a cable. If it does not have Ethernet either you need to by a USB print server like a model from my above post.

    After you connected the HP to the router, did you set it up on the computer as an IP printer?

    With the HP printer connected to the rooter somehow I got it to print wirelessly from the Netbook but not from the PC yet.

    The Canon printer has no ethernet socket so it can only conect with USB cable.
  9. hmm you must try to check the device manager to get the status of your printer
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