Laptop Screen VERY dark

Whats up guys.

My laptop screen is VERY dark.. I was told to replace the screen, I did that and still it is very dark!!!

I did the normal power settings and brightness up and down buttons aswell. Still nothing...

Any help??
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  1. What make and model is your laptop, does it have an upgradeable graphics card?
  2. I checked it out its an integrated graphics card. Its a crappy systemax laptop...

    I think I may have just gotten screwed into buying a laptop screen that I didnt need. Now the computers junk.

    And no, you cannot see anything on an external display via the vga port...
  3. I think you'll find it's the "inverter" that needs replacing.
    The inverter is the step up transformer device that supplies the high voltage (so be careful) to the back lighting of the screen.
    IF there is an image AT ALL albeit very dark then that would suggest the Screen itself works but the backlight (Powered by the previously mentioned "Inverter") is at fault.
    I think you'll find plenty of inverters when you search it'll just be a matter of finding the correct one.
    Good Luck and Don't trash it yet !!
    A new inverter really will give it a new lease of life
  4. And the external VGA port MAY need to be enabled first to get output they don't ALWAYS do so otherwise although I concede it doesn't appear to bode well.
    However I go back to my previous point that IF you're getting an image AT ALL then VGA "Card" and Screen are OK and backlight (Driven by inverter) is the Problem
  5. I'm apt to say its the integrated graphics.... I think its bad...

    All i use is an external display until it suddenly stopped working.... Then I decided to replace the screen because I was told it was a bad backlight... Not the case...

    I dont have a clue why an inverter would fix the video out for the graphics card... My buddy is using a laptop hooked up to a tv, with the monitor completely gone, no inverter at all either....
  6. If it's a Nvidia integrated gpu from a year or two back, they had a serious problem with high failure rates. Many system makers extended warranties on those indefinitely since Nvidia is paying the bill. Check if your gpu is Nvidia, Intel, or ATI. If it's Nvidia you may get a refund.
  7. I agree, most likely it's the inverter. Remove the plastic frame from the screen and look for a little circuit board on the bottom. It should have a part #. Look up that part # on eBay. Inverters are pretty inexpensive ($10-$30).
  8. Me again !
    I don't understand why, if you say you always use an external VGA monitor anyway,
    that you would've replaced the Screen if you don't use it?
    I really can't see how a faulty driver card could possibly give a Dark Image
    It would give no image or a distorted or "hung"/frozen image or lines etc etc
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