Refill possibilities for the 6 cartridges for the Epson R200

Is it possible to refill the 6 different color (5 color, 1 black) cartridges used in the Epson R200?
If so, are there refill kits available?
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  1. yes. are you using it for printing photo's, if so, refills are not for you, colours will be crap and they will fade and the refilled ink will block the head and you can throw away the printer.
  2. No! Not for photos.
    I print a lot of color brochures.
    I have yet to find a refill kit with ink that actually replaces the original stuff.
  3. if its for brochures, just buy a laser printer and save yourself the mney and the hassle.
  4. Refill kits for the Epson R200 cartridges involes a kit that includes a drill bit to make a hole to insert the inks and small rubber plugs to close the drill holes.
    But does it also give the proper cartridge counter restart protocols?
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