Got store credit, which laptop to buy?

A month ago I received a birthday present from my parents, a MSI CR500.
was quite impressed at first from the cheap price for all it had to offer.
but soon I was experiencing computer hiccup, every few minutes every few hours. it would change randomly
long story short, the laptop was in the lab 3 times (!!!!) during the first month of the purchase (just shy of a week, it went straight to the laboratory)
after they couldn't fix twice I just gave up on it and demanded a new machine.
now I got store credit and I need to pick up another laptop

I was thinking of Asus K40IE
but am also contemplating on getting Acer Aspire 5738ZG.

if you have any spare maybe you can pop in the store's website (it's in hebrew, but all of the laptops are written in english ofcourse and if you click on any of them you'll easily see the specifications)
bare in mind I have like 2900 NIS (israeli currency) so I'm looking for laptops between 2900 and 3400
prices are clearly written in red
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  1. The K40IE and the 5738ZG should perform about equally. Same cpus and similar gpus. Both have about triple the gpu performance of your old MSI CR500 with a Geforce 8200m. The ASUS costs more and has one gig less memory, but if you think the build quality is better it may be worth it. Try to inspect them carefully at the store, spend some time with each.

    Graphics comparison,
  2. first off I'll kindly thank you for your prompt response =)

    second, I haven't thought of actually checking them out physically, if it's possible there I will try it, definitely!

    overall specs of the Acer do seem to top over the Asus, but it's seems the general consensus (from what I've seen) tends to go with Asus, durability wise, etc...

    I will check out the comparison, thanks again!

    any other thoughts anyone?

    EDIT: another bright point for the Asus, 2 year warranty vs. 1 year of th Acer
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