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I have a Dell PC that won't start after a sudden power outage that lasted more than an hour. When the power came back on, I went to power on the PC. The monitor/mouse & keyboard are all plugged into the same power strip (which also shows a light indicating the power strip has power). They all have lights that come on, indicating they all have power except for the tower. The tower does not come on (not even the fans kick on), Although There is a small green light on the back of the tower that comes on, but no light on the front button when I push it in for power.
I have unplugged the monitor & plugged it into the same "slot" on the power strip that the tower was plugged into, to see if it was that particular plug slot was bad. The monitor did show a light, So i switched it back...Still no power to the tower. We just had the mother board replaced by professionals (Best Buy Geek Squad) 6 months ago...Are there any ideas out there? When it comes to computers, I know nothing in the technical Dept….
After reading extensively all the solutions that were givin to others on here with similar problems,..
I have checked to see if any of those could work for me...None i have read & tried Have worked...These are the things i have tried:
I have unplugged the tower for hours, to see if it was “Hot”, but that did nothing, so I guess that’s not it.
I checked to see if there were any "bulging/burst or leaking" capacitors on the mother board (there were none)...I checked to make sure the “RAMS” were secure & tight (they were secure)…
Please Help… ☹
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  1. Depend on the plug that you use, some come with the built in fuse and it might have been blown . To test it out, use another power cable from wall socket outlet to PSU. Cable is something like this

    If that still doesn't work, there are 2 possibilities;
    1) Ur PSU have built-in fuse and it have blown
    2) PSU is spoiled.
  2. There's a 3rd possibility too - your motherboard could be blown. Hopefully that's not the case. I'd start with a spare power supply if you have one and if that doesn't work it means that the mobo is probably fried.

    In many areas, if you document exactly what happened and the exact times of the outage, you can submit a repair bill to your power company and they will reimburse you. Good luck!
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