Looking for new Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, What do you recommend.

I've been a fan of Corsair Products for a while, 75% of my computer hardware is from Corsair also. I recently saw their new line of gaming keyboards and mice. I play both MMO's and FPS games so I'm not sure what Keyboard I want. I want a backlit mechanical keyboard. I don't use macros much so I'm leaning towards their K60 FPS keyboard but it doesn't have a backlight.

On the Razer side, I like the Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard which is backlit and mechanical but doesn't have that nice wristrest like the Corsair K60. I'm also wondering if the letters on the keys will wear off on the Razer keyboards. Corsair is using laser engraving on all their keys so they will never wear off.

For mice, I'm looking at the new Corsair M60 or the Razer 2012 Imperator. I dunno which to get.

Anyone out there tried the Corsair gear and compared it to Razer?
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  1. From what I've read the new corsair keyboards don't have 100% mechanical switches. Do you absolutely have to have a backlit keyboard? If not I would would recommend a leopold mechanical keyboard. The type of switch you get is equally important and comes down to your type of computing and taste. I found mx browns to be a sweet spot for me.

    For the mouse I'd recommenced a Deathadder 3.5. Not just because its insanely popular but because it has one of the better sensors on the market. And the thumb buttons feel naturally placed. Main mouse buttons are easy/quick to click. Scroll wheel is smooth. I wasn't a big fan of the braided cord (felt stiff and heavy) but I'm over it.

    The next mouse I'd recommend with a great sensor would be the overlooked CM storm spawn. But keep in mind the spawn is small and geared for a straight up claw grip. I have big/long hands and the storm spawn would cramp my hand up after awhile of playing.

    Leopold --> Fullsize and Tenkeyless available --> http://elitekeyboards.com/products.php?sub=leopold,fullsize
  2. I love the Logitech G500 I have! It is comfortable, not insanely expensive, big, and has tons of features! I don't have anything to say on the keyboard though.
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