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Hi guys I wonder if Lenovo stills make good build quality I heard that the build quality decreased when to bought by Lenovo? And which models I must avoid?
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  1. Lenovo makes a decent quality laptop, at least in my opinion. I really haven't heard anything too bad about them, i.e. they are on par with just about every other laptop maker. Have a look at this:

  2. Less than two years ago, I bought a basic Lenovo model 4446-24U laptop (in Toronto, Canada).
    -Just about when the one-year warranty expired, the screen randomly started flickering. It is a connection issue not affecting the VGA output, so clearly an assembly problem. Tapping stops it for a while.
    -The built-in microphone electronics or software (Conexant High Definition Audio) generates randomly a strong "phantom noise" only the other side in a Skype connection can hear, while I cannot hear the other side at all. It happens even if nothing else is running, or the mike is muted. The Skype mike signal indicator bar-graph also shows it. Luckily, an external USB mike works well.
    -The battery power suddenly drops from 85% to zero, even preventing going into an orderly standby state. This could be partially my fault as I mostly have it plugged in without regularly depleting the battery.
    Overall, not too happy...
  3. My college replaced a lot of their older Gateways with Lenovo Thinkpad T420s. The T420s are actually really nice and sturdy. They tend to be a little on the heavy side, but that's due to the quality of the materials used in the case. I've been considering one as a replacement for my old Sager.
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