Printer Device not showing in DeviceManager?

I have been experiencing very slow printing with this new Win2K system (stand-alone, administrator login).

Now I am noticing that there is no PrinterDevice listed in the Device manager. But... the printer IS a listed in the ControlPanel-->printers.

Is this supposed to be like this (no printer device in device manager?)
I have tryed to reinstall the latest win2000 printer drivers but no printer device shows up.
To make things worse, even though I can print right now, Windows starts up and still *detect* the printer as *new* every time.

(Is it a BIOS setting thing thats messing me up?)
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  1. Yes it is normal for printer not show in Device manager.
  2. I guess you are right.
    In the DeviceManager under the "view" tab it says "Show Hidden devices" and that's when the printer shows up.

    But, I can still not explain the slower printing performance.

    Changing from EMF to RAW datatype doesn't help enough.
  3. what do you call "slow"?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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