Windows 7 Freezes after login... Or when access to internet happens...

I JUST installed windows 7 Home Premium on my computer, and it seems to want to freeze up on me when i start it up. Right after i log in it proceeds to load, then just stops working, the mouse wont move, the keyboard wnt respond... And if it gets past that point (Which i think i fixed that problem) it does the same thing when i open internet exploror or try a update. Acually if anything tries accessing the internet it does it.

-Ive already reinstalled windows 7 (Both 32 and 64-im on 32 right now)
-If i boot into safe mode, everything works, i can get to the internet and everything (You cant update in safe mode)
-When i got it to work for 20 min i updated it with about 333MB of updates then restarted, everything worked great for about 2 Hours then when i switched users for a sec it did it agian
-It does it in both users

My Computer
P4 3.2 GHz
3GB of RAM
1TB of HDD space total
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  1. Have you updated the motherboard drivers for W7? check the Dell site for updated drivers.
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    I am actually having the same issue right now with my laptop. It started doing this one afternoon after a reboot. Though it is about 2 years old, and I upgraded to W7 when it came out.

    Anyways, I was doing some research today and came up with this...

    Though it is not exactly the same issue as you or I, I am going to try step two once I get off work. I wouldn't mind seeing you try it as well.

    Also some other forums are saying this program: "RelevantKnowledge" might be causing the system to freeze. To check if it is installed, boot into safemode and either search for rlvknlg.exe or try to find RelevantKnowledge under the uninstall programs menu. And obviously if it is there, remove it.


    Like I said above, I have not tried any of this, since I only started the research today. I will be doing these steps over the weekend.

    Now that I go back through your original post, you said that you just installed W7 Home Premium. So I doubt it would be either of the "fixes" I posted. But either way, worth a shot.

    Also, did you do a clean install or an upgrade from Vista?

    If anybody else has insight on this subject, please let us know!
  3. Clean from xp...
  4. Windows wont let me flash my BIOS from safe mode, and i cant get into the normal startup...
  5. I hapenstance found the answer to my problems... MSE... All i had to do was unistall it and IE started up fine, all my programs are working great! Oh but i havent been able to try to go into an internet site because of ATT i reset the Modem and i need to enter the password i forgot :(. But otherwise its working great...

    -Oh yea, MS service is nice but cant speak a word of english, spent the whole time going what, what, what?? He was also calling me Ma'm which made me really mad ;). They also took me through a bunch of crap that i already knew and tried! I even labeled that on their service site...

    If you have MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) remove it and get avast!.
  6. The reviews are the closest ive seen!
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  8. I have not tried anything yet, been spending my weekend elsewhere haha. Anyways, thanks for selecting the best answer. I will also see if I have MSE installed. Guess we helped each other out!!
  9. Yep :)!
  10. Oh, btw it wont let you unistall in Safe Mode, so youll have to get into windows in a normal boot :(. Had to try over and over, try disconecting the ethernet cable from the back of you laptop (if you use it) and turn your wi-fi off before login (found that stopped about most of the freezing on login issues)...
  11. Guys, I had this problem. For me it turned out to be my RAM. with 2 sticks(4 gigs) the machine would freeze 5 mins after log on, but take one out and it works fine. Then if you reinstall the RAM normally it will work for a few days just fine. I really don't want to keep doing this for the life of this machine though.
  12. Like i said, if you have Microsoft's Anti-Virus, unistall it. I tried my RAM, and that wasnt it...
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