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HEEELP ....MY Hp pavilion dv6000 laptop has a problem with the start up...well from recently whenever I start my laptop he shows nothing on the screen and then restarts, and so again and again and again...then I start to punch him a bit, and after 20 or xy times of starting up and restarting, it boots up and works now I even do not shut it down.... help - what could be the problem...I suspect the display is not identified on the boot up and then the whole system restarts, or could it be something about the OS ( win xp ) ... Thanks in advance
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  1. So, it essentially stays in a loop of restarting when you turn it on? It sounds like it could either be a hardware related issue or like you suggested, a problem with the OS. Perhaps re-installing XP (after backing up all of your vital files) could narrow the issue down. If the reinstall works, then you know it was an issue with XP. If it doesn't, it most definitely hardware related.
  2. well, I will give it a try ...

    thanks anyway
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