a64 3400+ 40-50 in idle

good day to you all.
I think there's somethin wrong with my computer:
i have a athlon 64 3400+ s754 and an epox EP-8KDA3I (latest BIOS). my CPU is about 45-50 degrees idle. It goes to 61 when i'm playing. I'm using stock fan/thermal paste, enermax 480W noisetaker. i have some sh!t intake fan on the side panel, 1 same [-peep-] exhaust fan at the rear and there's the PSU exhaust fan too. My case is noname. How can i get such high temps since i don't overclock anything? even if my case fans are [-peep-]? when im playing hl2 my case gets very hot.
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  1. Well 40-50 is a big range. What is the temp exactly? My A64 idles @ around 35C @ 2.43ghz with the stock cooler and goes up to 45-50 on full load.
  2. and how can you assume the reading are in fact exact??? Touch your HSF when running full load. if it doenst seem that hot, and your computer is stable, close the side panel and forget about it..

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  3. well 35 degrees in idle is very good! i wish i could have temps like that! in fact 47-51 is the real range...i was a bit tired last night. If EPox mobos have wrong sensor calibration i'm doomed to fear for my CPU's health for the rest of my life! going to check by touching the HFS under full load...will post later
  4. The stock hsf is quite good, but it does get clogged with dust easily. It's smart to take the fan off, and brush the heatsink with a good quality brush, every couple of months.
    You might want to take a look at the base of the hsf, to make sure it's installed properly. It does take a lot of force to clamp them down, and it is a little scary.
  5. i dont think it's dust since my pc is 2 weeks old! i took out the hsf and reapplied thermal paste (unknown brand), put the thing back and...same temps. even if it was a sh!tty thermal paste i dont think the temp would be so high. i monitored the temps using usdm and smartfan...same readings. i'm very scared right now
  6. What are your case temps? You can try reversing the airflow of the 1 or 2 of the fans to see if that lowers the temps. You could try getting some Arctic Silver instead of the no-name. Have you checked temps in the BIOS and how do they compare? Have you tried opening the side of the case blowing a fan directly on the case to see how that affects temps? Try touching the HSF and the CPU -what's the temp difference between the two?

    What are the rest of your system specs? Video card drivers?

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  7. ok here's the complete setup:
    a64 3400+ s754
    epox 8kda3i
    inno3d 6600gt agp (71.84)
    2x512mb value ram kingston
    enermax noisetaker 480w
    the "windows temps" and bios temps match.
    my case is at 36 right now, room temp is about 25. i tried reversing the airflows, tried every config possible...same temps. cant get artic silver coz i live in mauritius island and it doesnt exist here. do u think casing could be the prob (paint, material)?
    what do u mean by touching the CPU?!

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  8. Yeah no kidding, it freaked me out. I bought a cpu mobo combo from Monarch, winchester 3200 and DFI lanparty ut nf4 ultra d. The dummies were supposed to install the cpu and hsf. When I went to pull the hsf off to apply some AS5, the whole cpu came out with the friggin hsf!! The idiots never locked the cpu down with the lever, just placed it in the socket AFTER it was locked, then applied grease and locked the HSF on top of it. The pins on the cpu look ok, no apparent damage I can detect. What a @#$%&* nightmare!!

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  9. If there is a large difference between the temp of the HSF and the CPU itself, then you may not have the HSF properly seated.

    Try opening the side of the case and having a normal house fan blowing directly into the case. If that lowers your temps a lot then you have a circulation issue in your case.

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  10. there's something i dont understand. how do you want me to compare the hs and cpu temps. how can i measure the cpu temp?! i'm really lost right now
  11. AMD says that the maximum operating temp. allowed for a 64 Athlon is 60 dgrees Celsius. If your CPU is running at 61 you better fix that.

    My Athlon 64 runs at 30 degrees on idle and 43 when I play.
    Stock Fan and heatsink. It also depends very much on the ventilation of your case inside....
    Your board is reading the sensor wrong. Not a problem.
    If your temps were running that high. you would be experiencing crashes etc. Run prime95 <A HREF="http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm" target="_new">http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm</A> for 8 hours. If it doesn't crash, you have no problem.
    Do remember to clean the hs regularly though, and be sure to email epox that you are unhappy. They will probably give you a beta bios to fix the problem.
  13. i did run prime95 for 7 minutes. i did the torture test (the most power consuming-heat producing one). it peaked at 68 then stabilized at 66. scary prog... i should run it for 8hours? wow! wich test should i run?
    mmm beta bios..i dont like that, everything that has BETA in the name scares me ...except for messenger! thx im going to try that tonight. ill tell you the results
  14. How did it go?

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  15. i'll launch the stress test tonight so i'll reply tomorow. do you have any ideas wich test should i run?
  16. Try the in-place large FFTs torture test. Run it for 1 hour after temps stabilize. Then call that temp 50c (that would be the true temp for most of the A64s)
  17. the 8hours test is running good so far, not finished yet but i didnt have any errors. will post later to tell you the final results
  18. What temp is it showing now?
  19. i'm not at home right now but during all the test the temp was 64/65
  20. So, it sounds like the sensor is reading 10 to 15c too high. Just take that into account.
  21. these are very good news!! i'll kill epox for all the troubles they gave me! will post in 1 hour when i get home
  22. ok test ran for 18 hours with 0 warnings and 0 errors. i did the torture test with 8,3 mins by FFT. so i think it's good news!!!!!! so the real temp should be 50 or 45? i'm very much happier by now. thx guys you've been all of great help!!!!!
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