VGN-FW21L Win 7 Sony Vaio Motion EyE Driver download

Hi, I have been having trouble with my webcam and I need some help please.
The laptop came originally with a Motion Eye driver which seems to have gone awol since the update from a Windows Vista system to a Windows 7. I had taken my laptop for repair to my local shop following a virus attack. I figured out that the system change might be the reason for the driver disappearance. I found lots of information on the net and yet, none was helpful for my issue. I am desperate as I cannot speak to friends or family on Skype or MSN like I used to. Would anybody know how to solve this?
Many thanks!
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  1. Go to laptop mfg. website and download all drivers for Windows 7. Keep as backup CD/DVD. Install camera driver and anything else missing from OS operations. If mfg. does not have drivers for Windows 7 then you should not run it on laptop. You can go buy an external camera if that is the case.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply Cyberat_88 but I won't be needing to download anymore drivers after all! I have just managed to solve the issue thanks to JavanFace's response on the following link:
    It worked perfectly, one more happy customer!;)
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