Dell XPS - lights are on but nobody's home

I have a Dell XPS that turns on but no response fr screen. I had it on a few days ago and reset to factory default settings, then it needed to restart and it did not come back on. Any ideas, suggestions or help on how to get this fixed??
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  1. Does it sound like it is booting up at all?
  2. buwish said:
    Does it sound like it is booting up at all?

    Yes - the disk drive makes the usual noise and all the lights on the keyboard and top go on - just no action on the screen - stays completely black
  3. It could be that the inverter has gone bad. To test for this, start the computer up, let it boot all the way up, and then hold a flash light up to the LCD. If you can see something like your desktop, it means that you'll need a new inverter.
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