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Hello to everybody, this is my first post here.

Well, my friend asked my to build him servers for a LAN Party he is organizing. There will be a maximum of 200 Players at the LAN. Although I have already built PCs before, I have never build a PC/Server for a Dedicated Game Server for a LAN Party. I tried to look around but was unable to get any specs.

I am mainly concerned about the CPU. I know A64s are better for gaming but P4s have HT and I think that this might improve performance over the A64 if there are multiple dedicated game server running on each server.
My budget is not fixed but I would like to spend the less possible while not causing any lag during gameplay.

Games to be played will be HL2 Deathmatch, COD, Medal Of Honour, RTCW, UT2004, CS, BattleField and maybe another one or two.

Can someone maybe with some lan party experience help me with this one.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If noone answers here, then I would suggest contacting one of the Lanparty organizers from the THG articles.

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  2. Gotta go with Rugger...I've built lan party servers before...but, only serving one program at a time. Flavours of Battlefield and UT. Always on a Windows OS, had trouble getting the same amount of work done on RH versions. I've always gone AMD because of the $ factor... Lan parties on the scale of 10-20 people...

    I've heard people have had problems at larger lan parties with Power (AC) least initially.

    Keep us informed on how this goes...i for one would be interested in seeing what your end product is. =D

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  3. Maybe I'm mistaken here, but if you're looking for a <b>200</b> max pop server, shouldn't you be looking at, you know, a <i>real</i> server? I mean running 200 simul client sessions at a LAN party is bound to flat out kill a home built job, no? How many connections can a single server instance of whatever game(s) you're running handle? How many instances per CPU do you think you can handle? :eek:

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  4. 200 people, how many game servers is that? 20? you are NEVER going to get 20 game servers to run on one rig, i dont care if its doom running ipx.

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  5. I wasn't actually thining of setting just one server, maybe 3 or 4 to balance the load out. But I am not sure what specs to get for them.
  6. What games are you planning to host on that machine why are there so manu scsi hdd, planning on raid 1 or something?
  7. I can't really help you here, other than say you should get feedback from people who know. Find some that run dedicated servers from that type, and extrapolate based on their load. Maybe contact a commercial gameserver hosting company ? They might even want to sponsor the event.. just a thought.
    Just one thing I'd like to point out though; NICs matter a lot here. Get good ones, fast and more than one per server. And carefully consider the network topology. 200 gaming rigs sharing the same 100Mbs network is NOT going to work, you'll need switches and most likely, configure them to use virtual lans. In short, I think you need some professional help here..

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  8. For the network I'm planning to have 8 24 port switches each with an uplink of 1gb, to a 1GB backbone for the switches and the servers.
  9. I'm not network specialist by any stretch of the imagination, but bandwith is only one part of the equation. You'll have enough bandwith per client, but that doesn't help if the switches or Nics get killed by packet collisions. NOt saying your solution is not going to work, I just don't know, just some friendly advice not to underestimate this, and get some professional or experienced advice if you need it.

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  10. A long time ago i heard that a 10mb connection can handle up to 50 people on a LAN without any packet collision so i'm sure that 100 mb will handle 200 people.

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  11. I guess you will be having tournaments how many games do you expect to have running at the same time?
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