754 V 939

Does anyone know what advantages/disadvantages the 939 pin AMD 3200+ has over the 754 pin format?

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  1. Do a board search - there have been multiple posts within the last 1-2 months that cover the topic exhaustively...

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  2. any socket 939 cpus has many advantages on socket 754 ones.
    better performance and support for dual channel ram because of the 939 socket motherboards, which have many more features. most of these motherboards have 4 memory slots compared to 3 on a 754 mobo.
    plus, s939 is the way to go for the future since amd will continue to use it as a default.
  3. How dual channel can be an advantage for socket 939 when the dual channel advantage over single channel is about 5-7% but the MHz loss is about 10% over comparative PR rating and priced CPU?

    Which feature<b>s</b> are on sockets 939 motherboard that are not on socket 754, as you say there is many more?

    AMD want to separate his Athlon line to the budget line, now owned by socket 754 cpu.

    Budget CPU were socket A. But socket A cpu will be discontinued soon, if not already done.

    Budget line will be the Sempron 754 and performance line will be socket 939.

    What that means? Simply that if you want a nice system for home or office, then Sempron will be very adequate. but if you are enthusiast, wanting to pay more for higher performing RAM, video card, hdd,...

    If my mother need a computer today, I will pick up a nice motherboard, a sempron CPU, an adequate videocard for basic display, 512 megs RAM and a nice SATA HDD.

    So, it is not avantage/disadventage.. this is different market. Set your goal, budget and get the best performance/price ratio that will fit YOUR need, because I'm sure that my mom needs are not the same as mine, nor your's.

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  4. here's a link to a recent thread: <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=571683#571683" target="_new">s754 vs s939</A>

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  5. If concern == cost then
    choice = Socket_754;
    choice = Socket_939; //concern <> cost and concern == performance
    end if;

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  6. theRod put it best:


    AGP/754 = Budget and/or short-term investment.

    AGP/939 = You want to keep a HIGH-END AGP gpu for quite a while and you want to be able to upgrade to a faster CPU later as needed.

    PCI-EXPRESS/939 = Long term investment. CPU and GPU will be easily upgradable.

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