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1. My budget would play around $1000-700$.

2. Size would be 11-15" x <11" x 1-1.7" @ 5-7 lbs. (I just found this in the internet with the label of "Thin & Light". Which makes it portable.)

3. I really need help with the resolutions. But as what I've read in the internet, a good 1280×1024 (SXGA – standard) would do I think.

4. Yes I need a portable laptop.

5. A good 3-4 hours of battery life would be enough since I would be working most of the time in the flat/house.

6. I wouldn't play much games on this. If I would, it just be Ragnarok Online(a 2d MMORPG game). It only needs a good video card for it not to 'lag'.

7. The main purpose of my future laptop would be a fast loading and fast editing with Photoshop CS4 or CS5.

8. 320-500GB HDD.

9. I'm planning to buy them personally. And if there's a site in the Philippines that you could recommend, please do enlist them.

10. I wanna keep this laptop of mine forever. Up until Photoshop can make a new version that would really make me upgrade or buy a new one.

11. I would also need a DVD Rom that could load movies fast.

12. I've heard about Sony Vaio's popularity. I just don't know if its durability matches its popularity. I would prefer your recommendations since you guys are best in these ares.

13. I live in The Philippines.

14. I'm not really good with the specifications about laptops or notebooks. And I'm willing to take any suggestions/recommendations from you guys. About the money, I'm still going to earn it. When I decided to take on your suggestions, that's the time I will buy it. I hope you can really help me with this one and I hope that the information I have enlisted would suffice your thoughts.


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  1. Since I can't edit my thread. I would like to do the following adjustments.

    For my budget. It should only be 850-700. (Shipping-free).

    For the resolution. It would be better if I could go more than 1280.

    And for the bit thing. I would prefer 32 as of now. Since a lot of my applications work with 32 only.
  2. And Mr. Maziar, can you kindly help me understand the parts of a laptop/computer? Like Videocard etc?
  3. Retrotiger said:
    And Mr. Maziar, can you kindly help me understand the parts of a laptop/computer? Like Videocard etc?

    What exactly do you want to know ?
  4. @cloudy, I was told that the speed of the computer depends on its RAM. The Sony VAIO which is almost the same price as Lenovo has 4GB.

    @Maziar, I just don't understand why some people would prefer i3 over i5. Since i5 would be better. I was literally looking at their #s. Since 5 is greater than 3. Also, how to determine that a Videocard is good enough? Like the #s like 5530 or whatever. Also the RAM, could you be so literal that when you see a 6GB Ram with i3 processor would be better than a 4GB Ram with i5 processor?

    Thank you so much for all of your concerns. I'm learning a little bit already.
  5. Well i3 will give you more battery life,that's why some people choose it over i5.
    I would go with i5/4GB RAM because the difference between 4GB and 6GB isn't much in almost all games/apps
  6. Alright. That's something I would look at now in my choices. i5 will cost more right? How bout the video card? How do I base my decisions there?
  7. If all other specs are the same,then yes the i5 will cost more.
    And VGA depends on your usage,since you aren't going to play demanding games, then an integrated card like Intel X4500MHD or others from AMD/Nvidia suffices.
  8. Alright. I'll just look on that one. Wouldn't my VGA affect the performance of Photoshop as well? Or not at all? I'm looking at NewEgg now and searching for a cheap i5 with a 4GB Ram. I need to order one before it hits October.
  9. It will but affect the PS performance but its not very much.
  10. How bout this one? Would you recommend this?

    It's cheap. It's i5. And it's 4GB Ram. With a DVD rom. 500GB also.
  11. Yes its quite good for your tasks.
  12. The only difference I saw with the one you first recommended was it's dedicated RAM to the Video. And you said that it wouldn't really matter much. Right?
  13. The one that i linked has a GT 310M whereas the one that you posted has a 5470M and they offer pretty much the same performance in games.
  14. Well, I'm not into gaming anymore though. The one I'm going to choose must not disappoint me whenever I use Adobe Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Illustrator CS5. And their requirements are just 1GB disk free space and 1GB Memory Ram which my choices are overqualifying it.
  15. First of all,don't trust newegg's user reviews because most of them aren't correct.
    Between those,go with the second one,it has a 200MHz faster CPU which is worth $15 more
  16. You think the 2nd one is the best overall from what we have discussed so far? I'm planning to order already. You are a great guy Maziar. Respect.
  17. Yes because although it has a slower GPU,its enough for your tasks, it also has a faster CPU too.
    And no problem,i hope you enjoy what you get.
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