How to move/copy system file to another location?

I want to move my 'catdb'
file which is a system file to another location so as to shrink my c drive. Plz give me stepwise procedure to get rid of the problem. and how to copy and delete the same file in safe mode
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  1. It's not that easy! You cant just move a system file to another drive and expect the system to work. What would happen if the system needed to access the file?
    I'm guessing you have a small capacity SSD and it's reaching it's limit so you need to free up some space? The best thing would be to remove other software installed on the C: drive or delete some files. You can try running disk cleanup to see how much space that will give you and then take it from there.
    Keep in mind that most software installed whether on C:, or any other drive installed, will put files in your system folder on C: for it to run.
  2. there's a couple tips you can use to free up drive space, eliminating your pagefile is one of them... read through them here -
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