Can I build my own laptop?

:hello: I just upgraded my vaio laptop's CPU. It was my first time and I did it but having looked at the laptop's motherboard, I kept thinking: "Wouldn't be sweet if I could replace the Chipset and GPU (which are both soldered to the mobo)?" I'm guessing that's not possible, so now I'm wondering if it's possible to source the parts for a DIY laptop?

Also what does this line mean? "1ku Bulk Budgetary: Price $663.00" It's from Intel processor description.
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  1. The Intel processor description tidbit you are referring to is what it costs retailers per chip when they buy them in bulk, i.e. 1K at a time. In regard to building your own laptop, it can be done, but it is nowhere near as easy as it is to build your own desktop.

    Have a look at this to get an idea:
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