Reset cmos dell 9400 inspiron wont boot

I reset the cmos by pulling the battery, and now the comp won't boot, won't show the F2 F^ boot options in the upper left corner, and won't react to any key pressed, just shows a messages saying to run setup, but no clue how to get there using usual keypressess HELP!!
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  1. By removing the CMOS battery, the BIOS has "forgotten" the hard drive parameters and other configuration information.

    First put the CMOS battery back or fit a new one.

    Now you need to go into BIOS Setup by pressing the DEL key on startup.

    In BIOS Setup, press F5 to load the default settings.
    Now press F10 to "save settings to CMOS and exit".
  2. Thanx Phil; maybe I wasn't clear when I wote that No Keys respond whatsoever no matter what, and a black screen with Run Setup appears, and nothing responds. I have a Computer Science Doctorate and know how to press any key on any PC make or model to enter BIOS, etc.; this stymied me.
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