Compare MSI laptop and Dell. Help!

I am looking to buy a dell studio 15, but it only comes with the 1501 dell wireless-N. I would really like to upgrade to the intel centrino 6200 or 6300. Despite voiding the warranty, can that even be done. Is the 1501 dell wireless-N a card I can simply pop-out and exchange for the others? Thanks
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  1. Hello,
    Comparing the $600 MSI S6000-017US that comes with i5, 4mb ddr3, basic wireless, 15.6", 500gb, integrated graphics, and I think only a 4 cell battery?

    A refurbished Dell STudio 15 i3, with smaller harddrive 320, same ram, more advanced wireless Centrino 6200, a 9 cell battery,
    Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module
    also $600

    So, the MSI:
    Bigger harddrive
    likely only 4 cell battery

    only an i3 and is refurbished
    but better battery
    better wireless card
    has built-in bluetooth

    Now, I need bluetooth since will be using it a lot at home with microsoft wave keyboard.

    Don't really need larger harddrive

    I guess having the centrino 6200 card can have some advantages for connection?

    Both are $600.

    What do you think? All comments greatly appreciated.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the wireless card, as you'll be fine connection wise unless your wireless router is really far away. I'd say that the MSI is the better deal, especially for something with an i5 in it. To deal with the lack of BT, I'd recommend buying a cheap little USB bluetooth dongle for $20 or so.
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